Ground Floor, Floor Replacement.

Saw Paul at Kate & Tom Wheelers back in September 2015. I asked him if he would be interested in doing some work for me, which badly needed doing, he came round and looked at what needed doing. Later he gave me a quote of how much the job would cost, covering all what needed doing, plus all materials etc. what was needed to renew lounge & kitchen floors that were rotten, damp and had sunk to such a degree, we were unable to walk over carpet etc. Gaping holes under skirting boards, dampness round lounge fire place. Lounge was very bad rotten smell and the kitchen was the same so much that the cooker had sunk. Dampness due to no airbricks & what we did have were all blocked up, hence the nasty smell etc. Paul said he would come in 2016. He came in January and did an excellent job throughout both rooms in such a short time. 1 week and 2 days. We would recommend him to anyone. He is a very efficient worker. His work is of a very high standard, and is a tidy worker, cleaning up behind what he’s doing. Our house has been transformed completely thanks to Paul’s hard work. Just awaiting new carpets and kitchen flooring from Tapi who Paul recommended to us. Thank you Paul so much for all what you have done. Good luck. Keep up the good work. We may need to use you sometime later

Mrs ChapmanCalmore